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Life Rights

Units at Deansgate are sold on the Life rights system. This means that a resident buys the rights to occupy a certain unit. In addition to the cost of the unit the resident will also need to pay a monthly levy, which covers rates, electricity and water. The levy cost is based on the square meterage of the unit.

Period of occupation

1 year

2 year

3 year

4 year

5 year

Percentage of resale price


Upon termination of the agreement the purchaser or the purchasers estate shall be entitled to receive a portion of the resale price of the life right, in accordance with the table set out below.



Deansgate is a registered non-profit organisation with an official fundraising number. As such it is a charitable organisation that relies on fundraising and donations from both the public and private sectors. Until very recently Deansgate received a significant subsidy from the Department of Social Welfare, but this subsidy was withdrawn in 2010.

For the last few years we have received grants from The South African Lottery Board.

The famous Deansgate Spring market is held every year.
For the market to be successful we rely heavily on donations from members of the public.

Deansgate retirement home
Deansgate retirement home

Prices as at 1 March 2019

Cottages for Sale on Life Rights
1 bedroom cottages From: R1 300 000.00
2 bedroom cottages From: R3 000 000.00
Cottage Levy Available on request
Main Building
Mid care room with bathroom en suite R18 436.00
Mid care room with private toilet and sharing shower R15 626.00
Large Mid care room with private toilet and sharing shower R16 500.00
Frail Care
Private Room R18 505.00
Bed in sharing room R15 626.00
High Care R21 099.00

Other items

Lunch tokens for cottage residents and visitors R60.00 each
Laundry tokens for cottage residents R20.00 each

Prices are based on costs as at 1 March 2019 and are subject to change

Deansgate retirement home